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Whether you’re a residential or commercial contractor, looking to build new or rehabbing an existing property, any number of factors can make finding the right lender difficult. Let us do the legwork for you!

fincentiv™ is the first platform to use a proprietary matching system to match the financing needs of contractors with a spectrum of different lenders and lending options. fincentiv’s matching is based on our innovative lendcentiv™ model that connects borrowers to lenders.

The BEST part is that since we’re still building and testing, the platform is FREE for all to use! That’s right, FREE! It’s a commitment FREE, hassle FREE, obligation FREE registration. We only make our loan origination fee if you accept a loan from one of our lending partners.

Contractor Financing options - Which is best for your project?

Parts of Your Construction Projects That You Can Finance

There are a lot of options for financing your construction projects. Additionally, there are a number of different types of financial institutions that you can work with. Be sure to find a lender that understands your business inside and out, works with contractors consistently and is well-versed in the challenges of construction payment cycles. This understanding will be critical if and when projects are delayed and loans become due.

After all, you’re leveraging financing to provide flexibility to your business, so try to find a partner that’s equally as flexible. Consider how each option will help achieve your business goals before choosing which area to finance.

fincentiv connects contractors to a wide variety of construction project financing opportunities

Financing for Labor & Resources

Labor is among the largest cost for contractors!

Along with materials, labor is a large cost for contractors, and includes salaries and wages, benefits and taxes for your crews and management. Having these estimated expenses covered prior to on-site work will allow you to successfully complete projects without running short of funds for payroll. Labor is typically paid for through cash flow, putting a big strain on the business, especially when you’re dealing with slow-paying clients. Taking out an SBA loan or line of credit from a bank or credit union could be an option for financing labor.

Material Financing

Materials, increasing costs, logistics are major concerns at every job site!

Materials are historically financed through either credit cards or supplier terms. Credit cards are an easy way to buy materials now and pay for them later, but are usually associated with smaller credit limits, limiting the size of purchases you can make.  Supplier terms on the other hand, allow you to get materials now and pay your supplier back in 30-60 days.  However, construction payment cycles make this challenging, and the bill is frequently due before payment has been received for the job.

fincentiv provides an easier path for contractors to find financing & funding for commercial & retail construction projects
fincentiv connects contractors to a wide variety of construction project funding opportunities

Equipment Financing

Equipment can also create stumbling blocks when funding a construction project!

Equipment is another common expense to finance. Construction equipment is expensive and purchasing it outright could cause a major strain on cash flow. Therefore, financing equipment is a great way to go.  When financing equipment, loans are typically amortized and each month a portion of interest and principal is paid back.  Once the loan is fully paid off, any liens on the equipment are removed. Equipment leasing is another option if you prefer to lease as opposed to own. You may be more inclined to lease if new models of equipment are frequently released, you do not want to put a lot of money down on a purchase, you are looking for lower monthly payments, or if you need consistent upgrades on the equipment.

Project-based Financing

Our goal – provide contractors with a myriad of diverse lending solutions!

Project-based contractor financing is optimal for those who want to partner with finance experts who focus specifically on the construction industry, understand your business inside and out, and provide strategic guidance and support for the success of your business. Construction financing partners typically specialize in lending to specific aspects of a project — materials, labor or equipment — and, unlike traditional financial institutions, they lend with your project in mind versus solely your credit score.

fincentiv - helping general contractors & sub-contractors find funding for their construction projects

Get MORE Done, Quicker!

Our platform does the work for you by narrowing the field from thousands of lenders to match you with a select group of funding opportunities. You simply create an account, fill out your company profile and upload the necessary loan application documentation; we take care of sourcing the lenders for you!

The BEST part is that since we're still building and testing, the platform is FREE for all to use! That's right, FREE! It's a commitment FREE, hassle FREE, obligation FREE registration. What's holding you back? Sign up today!

Step 1

Complete your company profile.

Step 2

Answer some basic project questions to help us narrow down lenders who typically fund similar projects.

Step 3

Upload the corresponding application & business documentation.

Step 4

Our platform will feed your dashboard with ACTUAL offers for you to view & start communicating with an approved vendor.